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CHECKMATE 5vs5 Breaking Battle

Checkmate is a 5 on 5 crew-battle with direct KO ROUNDS. Each Crew consists of 3 pawns, 1 King and 1 Queen.

The first dancer in each battle is always a pawn. The Queen and the King can never be the first ones to enter the Battle. The crew starting the battle is picked by chance.

After the first dancer started the battle, one dancer of the opposing crew has to answer. Immediately after this two runs the judges decide who was better. The crew that is starting the next round, is always the crew that won the round before.

The loser has to leave the dancefloor and is out. So one Crew has 4 dancers left, the other Crew still 5. The winning crew is the one that eliminates all dancers from the opposing crew or that has the most dancers left on the dance floor after a maximum battle time of 15 minutes.

Two of the dancers from each crew have special abilities and are therefore called:

King and Queen


The King can call out a certain dancer of the opposing crew. This dancer has to answer the run of the King! With this ability you have a way to pick and eliminate specific b-boys from the other crew. If the King challenges a specific dancer, it is a 1vs1 situation. No routines or commandos allowed!


The Queen has the ability to revive dancers that are out and get them back to the dancefloor. Everytime the Queen wins a run, a lost dancer from her crew can get back into the battle, but you do not have to leave the game in this case. So the Queen can revive but not kill dancers.


Pawns are dancers with no special abilities. But a Pawn always is the first to enter the start of the whole battle.

Routines & Commandos are allowed but have to be finished with a single dancer who has to leave the board if the round is lost.

There are clearly marked areas at the side of the battlefield where the dancers that are out, have to be placed. This is important to know who is in and who is out.

The intent of the battle is to be the only crew that has still dancers left on the board. The special characters are the key of this game. Use them right and think twice before you make a step on the dancefloor. Tactic can be more important than skills!

All the Winners of Checkmate

2010:  Top 9
2013:  The Squadron
2015:  Prodigyy
2016:  Predatorz
2017: El Mowahidin Marocco